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About the NAED Education and Research Foundation


The NAED Education and Research Foundation was established in 1969 to further the professional growth and career development of the thousands of people who work in the electrical industry. The Foundation continues to grow every year and continues to raise the bar for professionalism in the industry especially through support of IACET accredited programs such as the Certified Electrical Professional; industry-specific education such as Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC) and Electrical Distributor Guided Education (EDGE); and cutting-edge research.

Our Mission
The NAED Foundation provides information and training products that create the most effective channel to the market for distributors, manufacturers, and their customers.

Our Goals

  • To provide a focal point for industry-specific training and development
  • To provide opportunities for our members to enhance their knowledge and expertise in electrical distribution
  • To equip members with valuable research that can impact the operations, profitability, and efficiency of the channel
  • To move the entire supply chain towards optimal efficiency and success

Our Future
The Foundation is supported by a board directed investment fund, the Channel Advantage Partnership, and the Annual Campaign efforts, and its success is attributed to the generous contributions of electrical distributors and manufacturers. Click here to learn more about how you can help to support the NAED Foundation.

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