Preparing for Success

by Allison Olden, NAED Talent Recruitment & Retention Specialist

We all expect our job applicants to come into the interview prepared. We expect them to have researched our company, have examples of how they are qualified for the position, and an explanation of why they want to work at our company.  It is as critical that we are also prepared for the interview. I would like to share with you some best practices when it comes to interviewing.


In House Interview Tips

  • “Pre-game Interview” – host a meeting in advance & explain to each one what his or her role is (i.e. one person focuses on gaps in employment, one person focuses on team/culture fit, etc. – everyone has an assignment/purpose (prep work is a must – resume walk-through with the team; so not everyone is asking the same questions)
    • Standardized questions ensure that there is consistency in the questions that are being asked
  • Interview with two people or panel interview – This is a great way to get various points of view
    • Let the candidate know in advance of a panel interview so they are not caught off guard

School Recruiting (High School, Vocational School, College University)

  • “Pre-game School Recruiting” – host a meeting in advance to explain what you are looking for – what are the minimum requirements, review logistics – always make sure someone is there to man your booth, who is an expert in what areas (be prepared), what word track do you use if an international student approaches you – what is your elevator pitch?
  • Volunteer to speak in a classroom to offer career advice, interview tips, partner w/ Marketing Dept. to offer social media tips
    • Form a panel with your peers
  • Become a board members of a particular school – will come in handy when you are looking to fill a position
  • Provide valuable information to students – company brochure, interview tips, tips to make them marketable on LinkedIn, what internships are available
  • Conduct an analysis to determine what schools to partner with
    • Who is your best salesperson and why are they successful? What school did he or she attend? What degree did he or she receive? Have they sold before? If so, what? In what industry? Determine the trends.
    • Run an alumni report and determine what schools produced the most employees at your company – leverage the alumni to assist you to recruit, post openings on alumni group pages in LinkedIn.