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How's the Industry Looking? NAED Research & Development Assistant Lauren Rapp shares her thoughts on the newly released NAED State of the Industry Report and insights into our industry's future. 3/8/2017 Preparing for Success We all expect our job applicants to come into the interview prepared. We expect them to have researched our company, have examples of how they are qualified for the position, and an explanation of why they want to work at our company. 2/20/2017 View more >>

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New Distributor Internship for Manufacturers Program The NAED Distributor Internship for Manufacturers program is designed to strengthen the distributor-manufacturer relationship by sharing knowledge and building trust. Integrate this into your associates’ development plans and engage employees interes 2/3/2017 Tips and Tricks for the New NAED Learning Center It’s hard to believe that the new NAED Learning Center has now been active for a full year now. While the transition is complete in moving over training records from the old Learning Center to the new, we still receive several questions on how to nav 2/3/2017 View more >>

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NAED Announces 2017 “Light Up the Hill” Initiative for Death Tax Repeal NAED announced its 2017 “Light Up the Hill” initiative to repeal the federal estate tax. 1/27/2017 Overtime Regulations Update The new overtime regulations take effect December 1, 2016. An NAED backed suit against the Department of Labor could stop the new regulations from going into effect while the issue is litigated. 11/22/2016 View more >>

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Industry Leaders to be Honored at the 2017 NAED National Meeting NAED congratulates the Annual Award recipients. 3/29/2017 NAED Announces New Product Cross Reference Service NAED today announces Cross Check, a new product cross-reference service from DATAgility and powered by EnterWorks. 2/15/2017 View more >>

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