November 28-29, 2017  |  Eaton  |  Peachtree City, Ga.

It's time to take a personal inventory of your selling skills and learn new ways to maximize your selling success! Attendees will leave with a daily “to do plan of action items” to benchmark their efforts to ensure continued effectiveness and are guaranteed to return to the office with the latest selling tools, processes, and strategies that have been proven to drive success. 

    Who Should Attend?

    For the best results we encourage managers to attend with their entire sales team. It has been consistently proven to generate more effective team discussions on how they plan to implement and improve their selling efforts when the entire sales team attend together. Company sales teams of five or more attendees will be given their own space for privacy and focused discussions.

    2017 Attendee List
    2016 Attendee List

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    Why attend?

  • "I loved the revelation that in finding our own voice, there is no longer a “glass ceiling” that exists.  Although I cannot attach a price to that, I can say this is an invaluable realization."
    S Novosad, Capital Tristate

  • "I walked out of EVERY session with great ideas; have implemented several since I have been back. For the size of my company and the budget we have; it’s on the higher end of things; but I believe worth the money."
    L. Neel, Connecticut-Electric, Inc.

  • "That we as women are strong, sincere and bold. We are great negotiators in the business world and can influence many as long as we continue to speak with confidence and have the data to back up our recommendations and suggestions."
    S. Coble, L. W. French

  • "I’m worth more than I give myself credit for, and I don’t have to box myself into a certain role because I lack experience."
    M. Dale, Border States  

  • "This is such a wonderful networking experience and I have made lifelong friends just in the last two years of attending. The exposure to leaders in the industry is an inspiration to continue my journey and constantly find ways to improve and better myself. This conference is a way to "restart" and it gives you the motivation to make positive changes and the confidence to not be in fear of taking that action."
    K. Kruger, CBT Co.

  • Great experience! I took away a lot of great things!

    John Schrader, Sales Manager, Houston Wire & Cable Company

  • I truly learned so much in this seminar! I feel that the material shared will help me with my career directly and also outside of the work area in my everyday life, which to me is just as valuable if not more so.

    Paul Kim, Distribution Specialist, Grant Supplies

  • This was by far one of the best educational seminar's I've personally attended and would recommend it to anyone I speak with. It was a great pleasure to spend the two days together reviewing new ideas for my sales team.

    Terry Sessions, General Manager, Tubelite

  • Thank you for two great days of sales training! I'm going to put it to work right away. Terrific job by the facilitator and thanks again!

    Jack Smith, Outside Sales Rep., Electric Supply Inc.

  • This was my first sales development workshop and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend. I learned a ton and I'm excited to start implementing the techniques we learned.

    Nichole Petter, Account Manager, ReneSola

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