Employee Compensation Report

Hiring and keeping good employees is essential to the profitability of your business. To achieve this goal, you must consider your overall employee compensation plan - not just your pay scales, but your benefits program as well - in comparison to other distribution firms. You need benchmarks. NAED has joined together with 30 other distribution organizations in sponsoring this large cross-industry compensation study.

The new Employee Compensation Report is now available.

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The 2016 deliverables include:
  • NAED Employee Compensation Report: This report presents the results of analysis of data submitted by all 71 NAED participants. The document will be provided in a PDF file.
  • Cross-Industry Results Report: This report presents the results of the analysis of data submitted by all participants from every sponsoring organization. It also features geographic breakdowns so you can compare various metropolitan areas around the U.S. This report will be provided in a PDF file and in an Excel spreadsheet.
NAED members can receive this important resource for $295 (non-members for $395).
Who administers the Employee Compensation survey?

Profit Planning Group specializes in a variety of financial improvement services. They have conducted numerous surveys with an unblemished confidentiality record. Profit Planning Group guarantees that your data will be held strictly confidential.

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