Warehouse Operations Management

Oct. 16-18, 2018  I  NAED  I  Atlanta, GA

Led by Jason Bader, Manager Partner at The Distribution Team, the Warehouse Operations Management two-day event focuses on the operation of the branch warehouse and how profitability can be maximized while managing a team.

Attendees will be exposed to solid inventory management and operational strategies. This goes way beyond the purchasing and analyzing of inventory trends and drives the whole process back to net profit. The main goal is to open your eyes to the potential bottom line improvement. Attendees are guaranteed to will walk away with at least 30 ways to get a better return on your investment. 

Who should attend?
Anyone involved in managing a location, including branch managers, operations managers, sales managers, and warehouse managers.
The class is limited to the first 30 participants, so enroll quickly.

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Check out what past attendees say about the event...

  • This bootcamp teaches you how to be a better boss & employee to your organization. It covers all facets of distribution, from shipping, receiving to inventory control etc.

    Doyle Snarr, CED

  • The facilitator was very engaging and very insightful. I applied a lot of things that were applicable to my situation the day I went back to work and those ideas have helped a lot.

    David Brza, Gordon Electric Supply, Inc.

  • This bootcamp was an eye opening experience and motivated me to become a better leader.

    Jim Daly, Standard Electric Supply Co.