Participant Quick Access Instructions for NAED’s EPEC Introduction Webinar

To join our web conference:
• Address your computer's Internet browser to the meeting URL you received from the host in the e-mailed invitation:
• Enter your name, location, and e-mail address.
• Click “Join the Meeting.”

You will now join your conference. Should you experience an issue or difficulty while participating in your conference, please press *0 from your TelSpan audio conference or call 800-937-7726 for assistance.
At the end of the conference, you can simply exit out of your browser window to disconnect.

Then, to join the audio portion of our web conference:
Use your telephone to dial the audio conference number:
• Audio Conference Number: 1-800-791-2345
• When prompted, enter the audio conference code: 6820995#

System Requirements
▪ Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox 4 or higher, Safari 4 or higher, Chrome
▪ Operating System: Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X v10.4 or higher, Linux, Solaris
▪ Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or newer installed (
▪ Video: From 100kbps upload (500kbps rec, 1MBIT + 1 for HD) From 100kbps per receiving stream download
In order to ensure successful connection to your upcoming meeting, please take a moment to conduct a system test by clicking this link: and verify connection speed at

Download the instructions here