EPEC Silver 2017 Course + Printed Content Bundle
EPEC Silver 2017 Course + Printed Content Bundle
Recommended Audience: Associates at every level

FEATURES THE 2017 NEC / 2015 CE CODE: This kit of EPEC training consists of four online modules (online versions AND printed content) with accompanying electronic workbooks, blueprints, capstone project and an online final exam. EPEC Silver includes additional electrical products and their application along with a complete systems analysis. EPEC Silver focuses on electrical systems in relation to lighting, load considerations, industrial machinery, and hostile and hazardous environments.

Prerequisite: EPEC Bronze completion.

Please note: In order to be enrolled in EPEC, the student participating will need to be registered via our EPEC registration form. After completing payment via the NAED eStore, please register your associate(s) here: Register for EPEC
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