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Happy 10th Anniversary NLC We're excited to announce that 2016 marks ten years of premiere online training offerings from the NAED Learning Center. For 10 years, the Learning Center has acted as a premiere online platform for managing a company's training programs. 6/12/2017 NAED Learning Center Transition Update We are excited to announce that half of NAED’s member companies have transitioned to the new NAED Learning Center and are reporting great results with the design, layout, and navigation of the new platform. 6/10/2017 Safety Training Courses Check out the new J.J. Keller safety training modules available on the NAED Learning Center. 5/12/2017 Tips and Tricks for the New NAED Learning Center It’s hard to believe that the new NAED Learning Center has now been active for a full year now. While the transition is complete in moving over training records from the old Learning Center to the new, we still receive several questions on how to nav 2/3/2017 NAED Learning Center Completion Over the past 10 months, NAED has been migrating companies from the old learning center to a new, improved platform. With the end of the migration nearing, we are happy to announce that more than 150 companies have moved to the new platform since Jan 10/18/2016