Happy 10th Anniversary!

We're excited to announce that 2016 marks 10 years of premiere online training offerings from the NAED Learning Center. For 10 years, the Learning Center has acted as a premiere online platform for managing a company's training programs.

Today, more than half of our members use the NAED Learning Center as their corporate LMS, relying on it to manage the learning function within their companies. The number of unique users (most participants complete multiple courses) per year has grown from 2,725 in 2006 to 10,303 during 2015. During the Learning Center’s 10-year service history, participants have accessed 596,074 courses, videos, white papers, and other learning resources—a number that grew from 12,599 in 2006 to 112,439 in 2015.

Manufacturers that belong to NAED can use the Learning Center as a vehicle to give distributor members access to their proprietary courses. To date, more than 64,400 manufacturer training modules have been launched from the platform—a testimony to members’ reliance on manufacturer-provided training. The annual totals jumped from 654 launches in 2006 to 10,540 in 2015, as more manufacturers opted to give NAED distributors access through the Learning Center to their extensive curricula. The NAED Learning Center can also host the unique, custom training programs that members themselves create. Through 2015, more than 48,000 member-owned, instructional modules were launched from the Learning Center.

For questions, please contact Member Services at (888) 792-2512.