Frequently Asked Questions about NAED Membership

Who does NAED represent?

NAED represents the best distributors in a wide spectrum of sizes and ownerships, from the small to mid-size independents to the large regional and national chains, privately owned companies, ESOPS, family-owned, and publicly traded companies. More than 90% of the distributors on EW’s Top 200 list are NAED members.

Will my company "fit" in?

Absolutely. Just look at the range of distributor companies represented by NAED's last five chairmen. Two come from companies with $75 - $150 million in sales, one represents a company with $175+ million, while two represent firms with $5 - $35 million in sales. Some are members of marketing groups; some are not. Even though NAED electrical distributors represent $31.5 billion in annual electrical sales, 43% of our members have $10 million in sales. All electrical distributors find value in NAED membership!

I already belong to a marketing group where I can network and get a rebate check. What will I get for my dues money by joining NAED?

NAED truly is the "meeting place of the industry" giving you the opportunity to broaden your networking horizons. After all, not every manufacturer belongs to a marketing group. In addition, NAED meetings offer the chance to meet distributors who are not in your particular marketing group. Will you get a rebate check from NAED? Nope. What you will get is a treasure trove of support services, education, research, and relationships to help you improve your productivity, profitability, and sales (which incidentally make your rebate checks bigger).

How can NAED make my company more profitable?

No other organization in the electrical industry focuses so much energy and time working to make the electrical channel and your business more successful. Because that’s what NAED does – tackle big, tough issues that you, your company, or your marketing group can’t tackle alone.

Can NAED help me with training?

Yes! NAED continues to be the standard bearer in industry education, funding research that results in courses focusing on inside sales, counter sales, customer service, maximizing your profitability, product application, warehouse productivity and safety, and much more. Plus, now you can get access to education any way you want it, in the most convenient format for your business. In addition to the traditional student materials like workbooks, NAED now offers education via webinars, personalized training programs on location; and online courses.

How much are dues?

Dues are tiered based on your sales volume and paid quarterly. Reference the membership application for the exact breakdown.

How many distributors belong to NAED?

As of July 2013, NAED represents 470 total business units, or 5,203 total locations.