August 2-4, 2017  |  The Westin Michigan Avenue  |  Chicago, Ill.

We live in the age of DISRUPTION! It's up to you if you want to be the disruptor or the disrupted. Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, the 2017 NAED AdVenture Marketing Conference is embracing DISRUPTION with speakers and breakouts that will help your marketing team build your brand story from creation to execution.

NEW FOR 2017! The IDEA eBiz Forum and the NAED Technology Conference will merge in 2017 and run concurrently with the NAED AdVenture Marketing Conference to foster collaboration and communication between industry IT and marketing professionals. Marketing attendees who are interested in sitting in on any of the technology sessions may do so if space allows at no additional charge. Companies are encouraged to send representatives from both departments to discover the latest strategies in both areas. 

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Innovation, Electrified
Josh Linkner, Chairman & Co‐founder of Fuel Leadership and the Institute for Applied Creativity

Using Analytics to Sell to Senior Management
Mary Brown, Marketing Manager, Service Wire Company, & Arnold Huffman, Founder & CEO, Digital Yalo

Digital Marketing
Janet Benvenuto, Marketing Manager, Billows Electric, & Tama Williamson, CEO, TriggerPoint

Customer Engagement through Technology
David Quatela, Brand Strategy Manager, Siemens Industry, Inc.; Toni Sacrison, Marketing Specialist, Viking Electric; Jake Leeman, Partner, VisionThree

Understand & Unlock the Power of Your ‘Because’
Gerry O’Brion, Author & Business Strategist, What Big Brands Know 

Story Marketing: How to Own Your Story to Grow Your Brand
Park Howell, Founder & CEO, Park and Company Marketing Communications, Inc. 

Social Media as a Business Tool
Brianna Addison, Marketing Specialist, CapitalTristate
Melissa Rousselle, Digital Marketing Manager, SYLVANIA (LEDVANCE)

Outsourcing Your Marketing to an Agency or Freelancer 
Chris Pickering, Director of Marketing, United Electric Supply Co., Inc., & Steve Gaither, President, JB Chicago

Collaborative Marketing Plans
Toni Sacrison, Marketing Specialist, Viking Electric & Gilberto Velasquez, Digital Marketing Manager, Houston Wire & Cable

Campaign Creation 
Mary Brown, Marketing Manager, Service Wire Company 

Shift Happens: How Marketing and Information Technology can work together to drive revenue
Bob Lewis and Justin King, Co-founders B2X Partners

Marketing in Distributor [Panel]
Panel moderator: David Quatela, Siemens Industry, Inc.
Panelists: Janet Benvento, Billows Electric; John Lorince, Leff Electric; Mike Wentz, IDEA

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