NAED IT Expenses Benchmarking Report

The 2016 IT Expenses Benchmarking Report is now available. 
Please call 314-991-9000 or email for more information.

The results of this survey provide industry professionals with the most up-to-date picture of IT financial performance measures in the industry. Following the same template as the NAED PAR Report®, it features key benchmarks such as  Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, IT Support, hardware expenses and more. Some notable figures from the 2016 IT Expenses Benchmarking Survey include:
  • Average IT expenditures for distributors surveyed were .71% of net sales
  • About one third of respondents expect both capital and operating expenses to increase over last year
  • IT employees make up only 2% of  full time staff in the average distributor response

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Industry Insights

How much does it cost?
Participation in the survey is free to NAED members. Those who participate will receive the Industry Overview report at no cost, and have the option to purchase access to their individual Performance Report; this report compares participant's data to industry benchmarks and allows users to create customized reports through Industry Insights' secure online portal. 

The Industry Performance Overview Report is available to NAED members who do not participate for $299 and non-members for $499.

Who administers the survey?
The survey is conducted by the Industry Insights, the same company that administers the NAED PAR Report®. If you already participated in the NAED PAR survey, your access information is the same to complete this shorter survey. You may also add a user to complete the survey. This user will not have access to PAR Report data. 

For questions about the survey, contact NAED Member Services (888-791-2512) or Industry Insights' Scott Hackworth.