Business Profitability Research

Assessing Value Added Offerings: Electrical distributors who work to improve services will be rewarded with reduced processing costs and better revenue streams from customers who value service. This research educates electrical distributors on the best practices in service offerings. (Published in 2006)

Big DataBig data has garnered big-time buzz as an effective means to optimize business and measure success. This research the different aspects of big data including its impact, industry potential, and how it's being used today. (Published in 2015) 

Ecommerce Uprising: Examine this case study of Amazon offerings and value propositions. (Published in 2018)

Managing Customer Profitability: This research creates a measurement system with procedures for managing and improving customer profitability. (Published in 2006)

Theft & Fraud in the Electrical Distribution Industry: This study provides information about the ongoing theft issue in the electrical distribution industry, including suggestions to deter, respond, and prosecute unlawful acts from internal and external sources. (Published in 2010, 2013 & 2015)

Using Lean Principles: A Visit with Butler Supply: Using Lean Principles is the first in the Secrets of Successful Electrical Distributors series that focuses on process improvements.  It features an informative and compelling interview with Emil Boschert, Warehouse Manager, at Butler Supply, St. Louis, Mo., on how they achieved great success in implementing lean principles. (Published in 2015)

Leveraging Your Data: This white paper walks through how members of the electrical distribution channel can plan and execute big data projects to maximize not only sales, but also stock, logistics and customer satisfaction. (Published in 2016)

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