Market Conditions

US Commercial Building Construction: The Commercial Building Construction industry struggled immensely during the recession with multiple factor leading to industry revenue falling at an average annual rate of 0.2% over the five years to 2014. (Published August 2014)

US Industrial Building Construction:
The Industrial Building Construction industry is responsible for constructing factories, assembly plants and mineral-processing mills. The health of the US manufacturing sector determines the industry's growth as most industry projects are related to buildings used to produce and distribute goods. (Published August 2014)

US Lighting and Bulb Manufacturing Market Update: The Lighting and Bulb Manufacturing industry produces a range of products including electric light bulbs, tubes, parts and components. In the five years to 2014, the industry has struggled with increasing input costs, which constrained revenue and profitability costs. (Published July 2014)

Electricians in the US: Revenue for the "Electricians" industry, one of the largest subcontracting industries in the US, has rebounded from its 2009 recessionary low with revenue expected to increase at an average annual rate of 3.2% to $131.6 billion in 2014. (Published July 2014)

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