Distribution & Channel Matters Research

Advanced Robotics: One of the many fields associated with disruptive technologies that are making headlines today, this research provides a glance at the sales and perceptions of this market by the electrical distribution industry. (Published in 2015)

Developing an Agile Construction Partnership: The study focuses on the successful procurement of materials to a job site utilizing agile project management (APM) from the viewpoints of the entire channel. It is joint research effort between NAED and ELECTRI International—the Foundation for Electrical Construction, Inc. (Published in 2016)

Disruptive Technologies & the Electrical Distribution Industry: This report highlights new technologies and how they may play a significant role in your business now and in the future. (Published in 2014)

Market Overview Report: The 2016 Report is now available with updated numbers to provide crucial information regarding sales, customers, and services as it pertains to the electrical distribution industry within the past year. (Published in 2016)

Reimagining Distributor & Manufacturer Relationships: This research takes a hard look at the electrical distribution industry’s status quo and the factors that often hamper the road to better business partnerships. (Published in 2016)

SPA Practices - The Present Conundrum & the Path Forward: Channel partners continue to struggle with Special Pricing Authorizations (SPAs) despite efforts to reduce their frequency, streamline the process, and create uniform standards. (Published in 2015)

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