Reimagining Distributor & Manufacturer Relationships

In early 2016, NAED published a series of reports on Reimagining Distributor & Manufacturer Relationships. The project took a close look at the importance of working together and how to achieve better, more successful relationships with your channel partners. The next step in this research was a series of workshops in which member companies met with Dirk Beveridge to truly reimagine partnerships between manufacturers and distributors.

Now, you can work through this process with your own partner to foster a relationship that will continue to thrive as the industry evolves. Watch the Overview Video for a brief introduction to the steps involved in this process. Then, you can download the Playbook to begin (the playbook is a fillable PDF to print or use to keep notes on your computer). There are also quick introductory videos for each activity in the Playbook. 

Overview video is approximately 10 minutes.


  Primary Subject Area:

  Channel Matters

  Phase 2 - 2018
  Phase 1 - 2016

  Prepared by:
  Dirk Beveridge, President,

Watch the Webinars

NAED scheduled two webinars with Dirk Beveridge in order to assist you in your pursuit of this new relationship. The webinars occurred Thursday, April 5 at 2 p.m. central and Thursday, May 3 at 2 p.m. central. 

View All Webinars:
Watch the archived webinar (original broadcast: May 3, 2018)
Watch the archived webinar (original broadcast: April 5, 2018)
Watch the archived webinar (original broadcast: December 8, 2016)

Download Playbook

Reimagining Distributor & Manufacturer Relationships (Plybk)
The next phase of the Reimagining Distributor & Manufacturer Relationships research from Dirk Beverage includes a series of in-depth workshops. This playbook of frameworks helps member companies work through the process with their own channel partners for even greater success in an evolving industry.

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Playbook Videos
Before each segment, Dirk Beveridge will give a brief overview of the segment to prepare you for the work you are about to undertake. 
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