The Evolving Electric Grid: Opportunities in DC Power

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges of the rising DC power market. Featuring interviews with key players from Cisco, Milbank,  ABB, and a leader of the University of Pittsburgh’s Pitt Electric Power Initiative, Gregory Reed, Ph.D., the report includes discussion on a number of important  topics that could impact the electrical distribution channel.

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DC Power Connects Report
This brief report provides valuable background information for anyone wanting a quick overview of the “current” wars, recent applications, and sales figures for markets related to DC power opportunities (provided by IBISWorld). (published 2015)
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The Electric Grid: Opportunities & Challenges in DC Power
The technology underlying DC power is more robust, meaning it can be more easily converted into higher and lower voltages, can carry electricity more reliably for longer distances, can be stored and is easier to control. That has resulted in a growing amount of research and development into how DC power can be used to improve the efficiency and security of the electric grid, as well as deliver cost savings to users.

This in-depth report examines what is driving those initiatives, provides a closer look at developments in DC power, explores the challenges facing the market, and discusses what the shift means to the electrical channel.

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  Primary Subject Area:

  Energy & Sustainability


  Prepared by:
  Lindsay Konzak, 3 Aspens Media

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