ESCO Partnerships & the ED Industry

Partnerships with energy service companies (ESCOs) remain a favored recommendation for distributors to enter and maintain their stake in the energy market. This study describes the ESCO industry and identifies best practices for relationships, including how NAED members can best negotiate relationships with different types of ESCOs.

To help navigate ESCOs, this project includes the following highlights:

  • Defined categories that capture the different ESCOs currently in operation
  • Identify best practices for distributor/ESCO relationships
  • Methods to negotiate relationships with the different types of ESCOs
  • Outline critical measures to help ensure that working with an ESCO will prove profitable for distributors
  • Overview of the key elements of ESCO building energy efficiency projects

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Executive Summary
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The following archived webinar is available to NAED members through the NAED Learning Center.
  • Energy Services Companies and Electrical Distribution (original broadcast: September 2012)

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ESCO Partnerships: Friend or Foe?
This whitepaper analyzes the benefits and a few challenges of partnerships between energy service companies (ESCOs) and distributors. Initially, partnering with an ESCO seems like a straightforward solution, but there are factors that can prove more complicated. This whitepaper will help you navigate those difficult situations. (Published in 2012)

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  Primary Subject Area:

  Energy & Sustainability


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  Vermont Energy Investment  

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