Energy & Sustainability Research

Corporate Sustainability: This study addresses the unique challenges and opportunities associated with corporate sustainability and outlines the business case for sustainability planning. (Published in 2009)

ESCO Partnerships: Partnerships with energy service companies (ESCOs) remain a favored path for distributors to enter and maintain their stake in the energy market. To help navigate ESCOs, this project examines three areas: the status and trajectory of the ESCO industry; NAED members’ experiences working with ESCOs; and recommendations for future partnerships. (Published in 2012)

Evolving Electric Grid - Opportunities in DC Power: This report provides a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges of the rising DC power market. (Published in 2016)

Profit from the Green Market: This research promotes an understanding of the energy conservation retrofit market and the technologies that will be most in demand throughout the next five years. (Published in 2008)

Selling Energy Management Solutions: The construction industry’s interest level for more energy efficient buildings and alternative sources of energy has grown. This study defines key segments within energy management solutions where the largest opportunities exist for the ED channel to serve their customers and grow revenues. (Published in 2009)

Smart Grid Opportunity: Long-term increases for energy consumption, and the desire to most efficiently deliver it, have led to calls for an upgraded or “smarter” transmission and distribution system. This research presents an opportunity for the industry to capitalize on the smart grid and its related fields. (Published in 2011)

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