The Smart Grid Opportunity

What exactly is a smart grid? Why do we need one? Who's going to build it? And what does it mean for the electrical distribution industry? This research features a number of resources to help you not only better understand the smart grid space, but also sales prospects for smart grid projects.

The following tools will help you delve deeper into the markets that impact the smart grid, as well as strategies and products that can help you cash in on the smart grid space.

Smart Grid Quick Start Guide
To effectively get in on the smart grid action, you'll want a basic understanding of this "system of systems" that will ultimately transform today's aging electric infrastructure into a modern, intelligent grid. This report gives an overview of the electric power system, understanding of why the smart grid has become a priority, advice on how to get involved and a look at some of the key players who should be on your radar.
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Can you talk the smart grid talk? Visit our Smart Grid Glossary to learn more.


The following archived webinars are available to NAED members through the NAED Learning Center.

  • Beyond the Buzz - Smart Grid and the Electrical Distribution Industry
  • Smart Grid Strategies - The Product Portfolio that Best Fits Your Company
  • Smart Grid Strategies II - Connecting to the Building Energy Management Market

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The Smart Grid Opportunity Bundle
This bundle package includes four FOCUS pieces that delve deeper into markets that significantly impact the smart grid, such as renewable energy, building energy management solutions, and electrical vehicles. These short reports provide a quick synopsis of the market as well as recommendations, strategies, and products that can help you cash in on the smart grid space. (Published in 2011)

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