Theft & Fraud in the ED Industry

Theft and fraud can wreak havoc on a business and result in the loss of inventory, profit, and time. To better gauge the impact of these actions, NAED has benchmarked the rates of theft and fraud throughout the electrical distribution industry in 2010, 2013, and 2015. Reports feature a number of statistic including:

  • Theft by employees and outside sources
  • Top products and areas targeted for theft
  • Fraud by employees and customers
  • Top prevention strategies
  • Cyber security

Phase 3 (2015) Research
This research provides updated information on the magnitude of theft and fraud through the industry, along with highlights that are compared to the 2010 and 2013 research.
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Phase 2 (2013) Research
This research is an update to the study first published in 2010. It features changes to the rates of theft and fraud from the 2010 survey and includes case studies from NAED distributor members regarding their strategies to detect and deter theft.

Phase 1 (2010) Research

This research was the first study to fully investigate the scope of theft and fraud in the electrical distribution industry. The findings were published in three whitepapers that address key areas:
1. Theft and Fraud survey results
2. Loss Prevent and Countermeasures
3. Making the Case for Prosecution

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Download snapshot of 2015 research
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Webinars: The following archived webinars are available to NAED members through the NAED Learning Center.
  • Theft and Fraud in the Electrical Distribution Industry (original broadcast: 2010)
  • Employees - Your Worst Offender and Best Defense (original broadcast: 2010)
  • Making the Case for Prosecution (original broadcast: 2010)
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  Business Profitability 
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  Phase 1 - 2010
  Phase 2 - 2013
  Phase 3 - 2015

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Theft and Fraud in the ED Industry Bundle
The Theft and Fraud bundle package includes the 2015 report, 2013 whitepaper, infographic, and three Best Practices reports from 2010. The studies on theft and fraud in electrical distribution provide insight on the magnitude of these issues and how NAED members deter and respond to such acts. (Published in 2010/2013/2015)

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