Emerging Sales Forces

The Emerging Sales Force considers various technology, demographic, and economic trends to help determine the organization of your sales team in the next ten years. For example, half of B2B decision makers are the most populous segment, Milllennials, and yet labor shortages loom due to slowed population growth and widespread retirements.  How could this impact your approach to sales and priorities?

  Along with insights from NAED members, Frank Lynn & Associates analyzed a number of factors to develop four possible scenarios including:
  • U.S. and global economics
  • demographics and education
  • Consumer Buying Behaviors
  • Supplier Requirements
  • New Products
The report provides an overview of various factors as well as signposts to gauge these developments. Does your company have what it takes to be successful in the marketplace of tomorrow? This report will help assure that you're ready for the future!

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Watch Bob Segal with Frank Lynn & Associates discuss the Changing Sales Model during the 2016 Eastern Region Conference.

  Primary Subject Area:

  Sales & Marketing


  Prepared by:
  Frank Lynn & Associates

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Emerging Sales Forces
Our industry's Emerging Sales Force considers various technology, demographic, and economic trends to help in determining the organization of your future sales team. This report provides an overview of the factors and signposts to help gauge the progression of your salesforce.

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