Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

This study examines the industry's current marketing practices and provides recommendations to streamline and improve those efforts.

Multiple online surveys were conducted to collect data and better understand the perspectives of NAED distributor and manufacturer members for this research. The recommendations put forth are the result of surveys, interviews, workshops, and focus groups which centered on five key areas of marketing:

  • Marketing Metrics
  • Building Brands
  • Marketing Excellence
  • Collaborative Marketing
  • Online and Social Media

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Survey Results
Download now and view the result of findings from over 350 NAED distributor and manufacturer members.

Webinars: The following archived webinars are available NAED members through the NAED Learning Center.
  • Maximize Your Marketing: Metrics, Brand, and Collaboration in Electrical Distribution
  • Maximize Your Marketing: Best Practices & Marketing Excellence in Electrical Distribution

  Primary Subject Area:

  Sales & Marketing


  Prepared by:
  Susan S. Smith, Syracuse
    University, Professor of
    Marketing Practice

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