Sales & Marketing Research

Advanced Robotics: One of the many fields associated with disruptive technologies that are making headlines today, this research provides a glance at the sales and perceptions of this market by the electrical distribution industry. (Published in 2015)

Alternate Distribution Channels: This report explores the impact of alternate channels from the perspective of the entire supply chain. Although distributors maintain their good standing with customers today, it is imperative that companies increase their online presence to keep pace with higher customer expectations. (Published in 2014)

Assessing Value Added Offerings:
Electrical distributors who work to improve services will be rewarded with reduced processing costs and better revenue streams from customers who value service. This research educates electrical distributors on the best practices in service offerings. (Published in 2006)

Emerging Sales Forces: This report considers various technology, demographic, and economic trends to help determine the organization of your sales team in the next ten years.

Excellence in Selling: NAED presented three webinars from Leff Bonney, Professor at Florida State University's Sales Institute. From metrics to the next generation of salespeople, this webinar series focuses on the various aspects of sales in today's business world. (Published in 2014)

Managing Customer Profitability:
This research creates a measurement system with procedures for managing and improving customer profitability (Published in 2006)

Market Overview Report:
The 2016 Report is now available with updated numbers to provide crucial information regarding sales, customers, and services as it pertains to the electrical distribution industry within the past year. (Published in 2016)

Maximizing Sales Productivity:
Among a company’s chief expenses are those related to sales, yet the means to determine the true impact of sales efforts by distributors often remains difficult to gauge. This report addresses sales efficiency within the channel and offers “best-in-class” benchmarks to measure and improve sales. (Published in 2011)

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts:
Marketing is essential to a company’s visibility, and ultimately, the bottom line. This study examines the industry’s current marketing practices and provides recommendations to streamline and improve efforts. (Published in 2013)

Trends in Residential Construction:
This project, presents electrical distributors with a determination of both the risks and opportunities for entering the residential market, along with firm recommendations for distributors specifically and the channel in general so they can begin taking action on the findings.(Published in 2006)

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