Business Reality 101

Business Reality 101 (BR101) is a guided, role-playing, simulation that teaches your employees about the various roles and responsibilities of your entire operation. During the BR101 workshop, teams will compete with each other as they run a business for three simulated years. This "hands-on" experience allows your employees to gain better insights into decision making by observing the effects of operating decisions and business strategy. The following topics will be covered:
  • Cash flow
  • Supplier relationships
  • Operational efficiency
  • Personnel and systems development
  • Inventory controls
  • Customer service
  • Quality initiatives

NAED also offers a BR101 workshop for employees that are primarily Spanish-speaking. This session is led by a Spanish-speaking facilitator and will follow the same basic principles as the highlights noted above. For more information about hosting a workshop at your facility, contact Member Services at 888-791-2512.

What Members Are Saying About Business Reality 101

I thought the BR101 process was truly awesome and eye opening for many of the managers that took the class. I think the class is best for branch managers and key management employees that are in those roles now, or if you're thinking of them to be a part of your team going forward.
Steve Helle, President and COO, Granite City Electric Supply, Co.

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