Fleet Gasoline Purchasing Program

Looking for a way to obtain a rebate on a necessary company expenditure?  Let NAED and ExxonMobil help you control your fuel costs by helping you save up to $.05 per gallon on every gallon of fuel your company purchases.

NAED members are eligible to participate in a program that provides access to an online account management center, ability to eliminate unauthorized expenditures, and a rebate on both gasoline and diesel fuels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the fuel rebate calculated?

The rebate amount ($0.00-0.05/gallon) is awarded according to number of gallons purchased in a given month.  Since this program is a group purchasing program, all gallons purchased by all registered NAED members will be added together to award the rebate each month. All rebate information will be visible in the statement available in the account holder's online account management center.

Is diesel covered?

Yes, the NAED/ExxonMobil Fleet Program includes both gasoline and diesel.

Does my discount cap?

No, there is no cap on the discount for either gasoline or diesel. Some other programs cap the total discount or discount on diesel, but we do not.

What is the cost of the program?

The normal $50 enrollment fee has been waived as part of our group purchasing program. If you do less than 1,200 gallons in a billion period you will be charged a $10 accounting fee. However, if you are getting a $.05 per gallon rebate, anything over 200 gallons in a billion period offsets the $10 fee.

How is the fuel rebate granted? Can I lose the rebate?

The rebate for a given month will be applied at the time of the monthly statement. If the account holder does not pay within credit terms, that month's rebate is added back the following billing period. Subsequent months' rebates are not penalized for a single month's delinquent payment; only that month's rebate is affected.

Where can I use the card?

This card works at all Exxon and Mobil locations -- more than 14,000 across the US. To find the closest location to you or to plan a route, go to www.ExxonMobilStations.com.

How do I enroll in this program?

To ensure that the account is registered under the NAED umbrella and to maximize the benefits, please contact NAED Member Services at 888-791-2512 to obtain an application.

What if I already have an ExxonMobil account?

We will need to set up an account that reflects the association with NAED so that you can realize the largest rebate. To do this we will need to 1) sign a new application, and 2) cancel the existing account once the NAED account is up and running.