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A strategic tool for analyzing your data and the electrical market.

Producing a strategic vision and direction for your company is never easy. To create this vision, your team needs a clear view of where you are today and where the industry is headed.

Using your own data is good, but it only tells you how the market is interacting with your company. To complete the picture, you need market intelligence about the entire market, and Customer & Product Profiles from NAED is the answer.

NAED's Customer & Product Profiles is the only solution in the electrical industry that provides a way for electrical distributors to submit their monthly point of sale data in an easy, secure, and anonymous way, and then view their results alongside aggregate data of the market.

By becoming a contributor, you will be able to identify growth area market trends, compare your product offering and position to the market, and track your true performance. 


Why do I need it?

The point of sales data that resides in a company is very important, it tells a story of the history of the company’s performance.

However, it is missing one very important piece that strategic business planners value so much, how the company's results compare to others in the market.

The Customer & Product Profiles program provides more accurate market share, market trends, and provides you with new data monthly, giving you the confidence to make decisions about the future of your business. 

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Security and Privacy

At the heart of the Customer & Product Profiles program is the security and privacy program associated with the product. Point of sale data is secured and encrypted as it is uploaded each month. NAED has partnered with D + R International which has extensive experience with handling sensitive market data. Other participants only see aggregated market data, and only when there is enough data for a given data set to mask the contributors. NAED has built over 100 years of trust with our members, and it will continue through the Customer & Product Profiles program.  

Only you and D+R International will see your individual point of sales data and reporting. NAED will never see individual company data, only who is participating.


Security of your data

Examples of How it Can Help

The primary application of Customer & Product Profiles is to search and compare results based on geographical definitions (i.e. state MSA, county, ZIP Code, branch*), customer segments, and product category.

In addition, you can perform several benchmarking analyses to learn more about how effective your company is, or how your customers might be changing.

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Questions? We've got answers!

Something so new like Customer & Product Profiles is sure to generate a few questions. We have compiled a few of the most common and answered them on our FAQ page.

If we have not answered it, let us know and we will answer it for you.

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