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NAED's Customer & Product Profiles is part of the growing movement to use data to help answer questions we face every day. Something so new is going to produce a lot of questions and NAED is here to answer them. As Customer & Product Profiles launches, here are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions. We encourage you to complete the form at the bottom of the page so we can reach out and discuss this valuable program with you!

Why do I need to subscribe? Our data is perfect already.

We understand that many companies have worked very hard to develop a team of data specialists to analyze data and evaluate performance; however, Customer & Product Profiles can give you a more holistic look at how your company is interacting with the total market. You may feel like you have a good estimate of your market share, however, comparing against aggregated industry data will show you a truer picture.

Who will see my data?

All data must meet strict criteria before it is available for reporting. It is also important to know how secure your data will be with D+R International, which has experience collecting confidential market data.

Who is participating?

NAED and D+R International will never disclose the names of the participants in the program without the participant's consent.

Why now?

As we can see, all around us, we are living in the age of data and information, all of which is helping us make better decisions and in less time. Customer & Product Profiles is a comprehensive, living, breathing data tool to help you answer those tough questions about the strategic direction and goals of your business.

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