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NAED's Customer Purchasing Profiles allows you to perform comparisons of your data with a more comprehensive, living, breathing data tool. Some of the exciting examples of how you can use the data are below.

Drill Down on Your Own Data

Customer Purchasing Profiles provides views and reports that allow you to view your own point of sales data in a clear way.

Market Data Drill Down on Your data


Market Comparison in Many Ways

Compare your data to aggregate market data by geographic region, customer segment, or product category. (Comparison levels depending on volume of participant data.)

Market Data Region Sales Performance


Benchmarking Your Efforts

Compare market data to your sales and/or marketing campaigns and determine true effectiveness.

Market Data Benchmarketing your efforts_final


Case Study Example of Similar Program from HARDI (Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International)

In the case of the HVAC industry, most industry data was coming from the manufacturers. “It’s similar to NAED’s situation where within the supply chain, different actors may be mostly aligned, but ultimately approaching the system from their own perspective. Having their own aggregate data allows the distributors, and NAED, to better represent their interests,” explains D+R Senior Director of Data and Information Systems Toby Swope. As an added benefit, the tool D+R developed for HARDI has improved how the industry looks at product categories. “The secondary benefit has been better harmonization within the industry about how products are categorized. Because all members get similar reporting, everyone is looking at products the same way,” shared Swope. Click on the link below to read more.


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