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Providing any company confidential information outside the organization is never an easy decision. Company data is critically important and can be very damaging in the wrong hands. In organizing the industry PAR Report®, NAED has experience in handling confidential information, which made it a natural fit when electrical distributors were designing the Market Data Program. NAED partnered with D+R International specifically because they too have experience in handling confidential information. D+R International understands that protecting your data and participation are incredibly important. Measures and protocols are in place to help ensure your information is safeguarded. For example, only those D+R personnel that need to see and analyze the data have access to it, and they are trained on confidential data management procedures.

D+R will store all electronic copy confidential information in an access restricted network folder, located in a data center with the following security features and compliance including:

  • SSAE 16 Type II Compliant
  • Uptime Institute Tier III
  • SonicWALL Intrusion Detection System
  • Physical security requiring 4 stages for access to servers

Who is D + R International?

For the past three decades, D+R International has helped introduce innovative programs and initiatives that advance supply chain and industry data management through more accurate market tracking and benchmarking. Their team brings expertise in developing markets for emerging technologies and in creating novel approaches to solving strategic problems. They work with utilities and regional energy organizations, the retail and distribution supply chain, product manufacturers, the building industry, and federal, state, and local governments to build strong initiatives and market-focused solutions that deliver results. 


To ensure complete privacy, NAED only knows what distributor members are participating and will not share that information. NAED does not have access to individual company point of sale data and can only see and use aggregated market data. Participants securely send their data directly to D + R International who runs and operates The Market Data Program.

To further protect the anonymity of your data, aggregated market data is only displayed when there are enough participants so that one contributor cannot be determined. NAED and D + R International have created predetermined levels to which data will be made available.

Market Data in Use

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