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Alternate Distribution Channels: This report explores the impact of alternate channels from the perspective of the entire supply chain. Although distributors maintain their good standing with customers today, it is imperative that companies increase their online presence to keep pace with higher customer expectations. (Published in 2014)

Assessing Value Added Offerings: Electrical distributors who work to improve services will be rewarded with reduced processing costs and better revenue streams from customers who value service. This research educates electrical distributors on the best practices in service offerings. (Published in 2006)

Corporate Sustainability: This study addresses the unique challenges and opportunities associated with corporate sustainability and outlines the business case for sustainability planning. (Published in 2009)

Developing an Agile Construction Partnership: The study focuses on the successful procurement of materials to a job site utilizing agile project management (APM) from the viewpoints of the entire channel. It is joint research effort between NAED and ELECTRI International—the Foundation for Electrical Construction, Inc. (Published in 2016)

Disruptive Technologies & the Electrical Distribution Industry: This report highlights new technologies and how they may play a significant role in your business now and in the future. (Published in 2014)

Emerging Sales Forces:
This report considers various technology, demographic, and economic trends to help determine the organization of your sales team in the next ten years. (Published in 2016)

ESCO Partnerships: Partnerships with energy service companies (ESCOs) remain a favored path for distributors to enter and maintain their stake in the energy market. To help navigate ESCOs, this project examines three areas: the status and trajectory of the ESCO industry; NAED members’ experiences working with ESCOs; and recommendations for future partnerships. (Published in 2012)

Excellence in Selling: NAED presented three webinars from Leff Bonney, Professor at Florida State University's Sales Institute. From metrics to the next generation of salespeople, this webinar series focuses on the various aspects of sales in today's business world. (Published in 2014)

Evolving Electric Grid - Opportunities in DC Power:
This report provides a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges of the rising DC power market. (Published in 2016)

Leveraging Your Data: This white paper walks through how members of the electrical distribution channel can plan and execute big data projects to maximize not only sales, but also stock, logistics and customer satisfaction. (Published in 2016)

Managing Customer Profitability: This research creates a measurement system with procedures for managing and improving customer profitability (Published in 2006)

Market Overview Report: The 2016 Report is now available with updated numbers to provide crucial information regarding sales, customers, and services as it pertains to the electrical distribution industry within the past year. (Published in 2016)

Maximizing Sales Productivity: Among a company’s chief expenses are those related to sales, yet the means to determine the true impact of sales efforts by distributors often remains difficult to gauge. This report addresses sales efficiency within the channel and offers “best-in-class” benchmarks to measure and improve sales. (Published in 2011)

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts: Marketing is essential to a company’s visibility, and ultimately, the bottom line. This study examines the industry’s current marketing practices and provides recommendations to streamline and improve efforts. (Published in 2013)

Reimagining Distributor & Manufacturer Relationships: This research takes a hard look at the electrical distribution industry’s status quo and the factors that often hamper the road to better business partnerships. (Published in 2016)

Selling Energy Management Solutions: The construction industry’s interest level for more energy efficient buildings and alternative sources of energy has grown. This study defines key segments within energy management solutions where the largest opportunities exist for the ED channel to serve their customers and grow revenues. (Published in 2009)

Smart Grid Opportunity: Long-term increases for energy consumption, and the desire to most efficiently deliver it, have led to calls for an upgraded or “smarter” transmission and distribution system. This research presents an opportunity for the industry to capitalize on the smart grid and its related fields. (Published in 2011)

State of the Industry: As reported by C-suite leaders in electrical distribution and manufacturing, this report examines industry concerns, proposed spending, and anticipated growth opportunities. (Published in 2016)

Talent Management Review & Toolkit: The world’s workforce is predicted to change dramatically over the next 10 years and the electrical distribution industry is no exception. Centered on ten principles and best practice areas, this research includes a range of assessment tools, templates and strategies to help you identify and develop today's employees for tomorrow's leadership roles. (Published in 2013)

Terms & Conditions: This study provides information and statistics about the ongoing theft issue in the electrical distribution industry, including suggestions to deter, respond, and prosecute unlawful acts from internal and external sources. (Published in 2010 & 2013)

Theft & Fraud in the Electrical Distribution Industry:
This study provides information and statistics about the ongoing theft issue in the electrical distribution industry, including suggestions to deter, respond, and prosecute unlawful acts from internal and external sources. (Published in 2010, 2013 & 2015)

Trends in Residential Construction: This project, presents electrical distributors with a determination of both the risks and opportunities for entering the residential market, along with firm recommendations for distributors specifically and the channel in general so they can begin taking action on the findings.(Published in 2006)

Using Lean Principles: A Visit with Butler Supply: Using Lean Principles is the first in the Secrets of Successful Electrical Distributors series that focuses on process improvements.  It features an informative and compelling interview with Emil Boschert, Warehouse Manager, at Butler Supply, St. Louis, Mo., on how they achieved great success in implementing lean principles. (Published in 2015)

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