Top Industry Issues

Eliminate Death Tax: The House has passed death tax repeal in recent years only to languish in the Senate and under the threat of a presidential veto. President Trump supports death tax repeal and we hope to see action on ending the death tax once and for all.

Innocent Sellers Fairness Act:
The Innocent Sellers Fairness Act would restore fairness to a system that penalizes companies whose only activity was selling a product.

LIFO: The inventory valuation methods known as LIFO (Last In, First Out) is a generally accepted accounting principle and has been for decades. Companies rely on LIFO valuation to more accurately measure their performance, manage their tax liability and avoid illusory inflationary revenues.

REINS Act: The Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act, or REINS Act, is a badly-needed oversight tool for pushing back against aggressive federal regulators and is designed to increase accountability in the regulatory process.

Remote Transactions Parity Act: NAED members, along with many other businesses, have a 6-10% price disadvantage when competing against online sellers' misleading claims of tax-free prices.

Tax ReformA new administration and new Congress will pursue comprehensive tax reform in 2017. NAED will forcefully advocate for our members regardless whether they are pass through entities or pay under the corporate tax rate.