The Voice of the Electrical Distributor Regarding Federal and State Legislative Regulatory Issues

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The NAEDPAC is a voluntary, nonpartisan political action committee that allows your company employees to support candidates seeking elective office at the federal, state, and local level, who support issues important to our business, our employees and our shareholders.

The mission of the NAEDPAC is to support candidates for elective office who share our pro-business views and understand the industry'’s concerns.

What is the NAEDPAC?

Established in 2015, NAEDPAC is a voluntary, nonpartisan political action committee. Registered with the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) NAEDPAC allows NAED members to pool personal, voluntary financial contributions to support candidates seeking elective office at the federal level, who support issues important to our industry, our businesses, and our employees.

Why does the Association have a PAC?

Active member engagement in the political process is an important means of protecting our industry, businesses and employees. The size and scope of government have continued to increase and grow more complex. Governments decide how business is conducted and public policy decisions made in one industry sector often reverberate in many other sectors. As the association representing our industry, it’s critical that we be engaged and have a robust, effective PAC.

Does the PAC report its contributions and expenditures?

Yes. NAEDPAC operations are transparent and compliant with all applicable laws. Because they are regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), PACs are considered the most transparent form of political involvement. As required by law, PAC activity is publicly disclosed on the FEC website.

What are the PAC's contribution criteria?

The PAC Board of Directors considers the following criteria when selecting candidates for Company Employee PAC support:

  • Position and voting record on issues
  • Leadership position and committee assignments 
  • Represents a facility or employee center 
  • Competitive race and candidate's financial needs 
  • Reputation of integrity and character

Who decides where the PAC money goes?

NAEDPAC is governed by a set of bylaws and supervised by a Board of Directors. AEDPAC support is determined by the Members of the PAC Board and supported by NAED Government Affairs staff.

Who can participate in the PAC?

NAEDPAC can accept contributions only from a "restricted class" of individuals. The eligible restricted class includes individuals who are U.S. citizens and are executive or administrative personnel of a company that belongs to NAED. If you are not a member of the restricted class described above, you cannot make a contribution to NAEDPAC. NOTE: Should a contribution be made by an individual who does not meet the requirements of the restricted class, a refund will be issued by NAED.