Special Pricing Authorizations (SPA)

The initiative to improve the SPA process has been an ongoing endeavor with support from more than 92 industry volunteers representing 28 different companies. We're always looking for new ways to improve the process, provide best practices and to generally help your company run better!

The ideal situation is one in which both the distributor's and manufacturer's ERP systems communicate seamlessly. This allows for the timely and accurate exchange of data, removing human intervention, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

The four strategic goals of improving the SPA process are to:

  1. Standardize industry terminology
  2. Standardize the format of SPAs
  3. Automate SPA transmissions
  4. Prevent common discrepancies

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Best Practice Guides
These guides are designed to facilitate a dialogue among distributors and manufacturers for the purposes of making the Special Pricing Authorization (SPA) process more efficient and reducing costs for all parties involved.
SPA Set Up Process
Updating the SPA Quotation

SPA Claim Filing
SPA Discrepancy Resolution
SPA Process Accreditation Program

SPA Process Vocabulary

This guide includes a glossary of terms that are important to use in the SPA communication process.
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Recommended Inventory Carrying Cost Calculator
This editable template focuses exclusively on those costs that change because of the SPA.
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SPA Exchange Program

This program offers SPA personnel the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of the daily operations of their counterparts.
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    Jigsaw Systems
    Available to NAED members at a discounted rate, Jigsaw Systems is the first contract management system that encompasses the entire SPA management process.

    SPA Practices - The Present Conundrum & the Path Forward (NAED Research)

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    Special Pricing Authorizations: The Present Conundrum
    Special Pricing Authorizations: The Present Conundrum
    Channel partners continue to struggle with Special Pricing Authorizations (SPAs) despite efforts to reduce their frequency, streamline the process, and create uniform standards. This report aims to take a look at some of the fundamental issues that still impede this process and facilitate a dialogue between supply partners regarding these concerns.

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