Industry-specific courses packaged to support
a variety of training interests


Online training and development courses give employees the flexibility they need to learn at their own pace and in their own time.

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NAED’s education bundles provide online training and professional development for those who have chosen a career in electrical distribution. Each bundle has been developed to address a variety of training options.



The NAED Industry Bundle is a basic education package that provides industry-specific courses created by NAED. Some of the most popular courses are Boost Profits: Increase Customer Profitability, Bottom Line Basics®, Counter Pro®, Customer Service Role Play: Counter or Delivery Driver, EDGE, Inside Sales Pro, Intro to Electrical Distribution, Knowledge Share: Grow Your Staff Expertise, Outside Sales Pro, Recruit Locally, Recruiting with Social Media, Selling Green and Warehouse Pro.



Give employees access to even more educational opportunities. VIP Core offers the more than 130 courses that will help develop their skills, so employees can become more efficient and effective in their jobs. This package provides the same NAED developed, industry-specific courses as the Industry Bundle including Bottom Line Basics®, Counter Pro®, Intro to Electrical Distribution, EDGE, Inside Sales Pro, Outside Sales Pro, Selling Green 101, and Warehouse Pro.

Additionally, more courses in specialized skills such as communications, ethics, finance/credit, information security, project management, and purchasing are also available.



Help current and potential managers expand their knowledge and develop the skills they need to become a more effective manager. VIP Management focuses on four main areas – Managing Change, Managing People, Managing the Business, and Managing Yourself – that employees also have access to the VIP Core courses as well as Engaging and Retaining Employees Throughout their Careers, Knowledge Sharing, and Recruiting with Social Media.



Human resources compliance is critical in today’s competitive business environment. Help your employees stay on top of these relevant topics with the  VIP Safety & HR Compliance package has more than 150 courses from J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc., that cover categories such as human resources compliance, transportation, and workplace safety.

How to Enroll

Select one of the course packages below to learn more information about each course package. If you are ready to purchase a VIP package you can enroll in our course offerings by scheduling a consultation with the NAED Member Engagement team to begin training. 


  • VIP Packages

VIP Core

Access more than 90 courses, including Boost Profits, Bottom Line Basics, Counter Pro, Customer Service, EDGE, Sales Pro, Selling Green and Warehouse Pro.

VIP Industry Bundle

This industry-specific package includes essential industry courses such as EDGE, Intro to Electrical Distribution, Sales Pro, Recruiting, Selling Green and Warehouse Pro.

VIP Management

Designed for emerging leaders, VIP Management is comprised of four main focus areas: Managing Change, Managing People, Managing the Business, and Managing Yourself.

VIP Safety

The VIP Safety package includes a total of 70 courses with access to Workplace Safety, HR Essentials and Transportation courses.

Learning Plans by Job Role

Want to start or enhance an employee training program but not sure where to start? NAED offers customized learning plans by job role.