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The point of sales data that resides in a company is very important, it tells a story of the history of the company’s performance. It helps guide the decision making of those tasked with strategic planning. However, as great as the data may be, it is missing one very important piece that strategic business planners value so much, how the results of the company compare to others in the market. This comparison can be done in many different ways, but often relies on outside sources which only provide part of the picture. Customer & Product Profiles from NAED solves that problem by offering an anonymous way to contribute point of sale data collectively, and yet view aggregated results that don’t reveal the source of the data. NAED is a perfect partner to offer this market intelligence because it is guided by its member distributors in how it operates.

Customer & Product Profiles provides more accurate market share, market trends, and provides you with new data monthly, giving you the confidence to make decisions. The tool will provide senior leadership and strategic planners within the company the ability to conduct more accurate strategic planning. It helps them make decisions that allows them adjust to changes in the market quicker, and who to partner with or where to make investments in their business. For the branch manager it will provide a tool to make better decisions, because they will be receiving regional information which is a better benchmark on how the branch is performing. Sales Management will use the tool to track specific sales performance. Data that is unique to what the company is selling, and into a particular region, will give Sales a true indicator of their own efforts.

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