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A Quick Way to Feel More Powerful “I’m just not feeling it.” Have you ever thought this to yourself before facing a difficult challenge or unpleasant task? 10/17/2016 7 Signs Your Distribution Firm Needs a New Intelligence System Suppliers and distributors generate volumes of data every day. This data is becoming critical to help firms understand how well their businesses are doing, and more importantly, what they can do to improve 10/3/2016 Tips from an EPEC Review I have been an EPEC reviewer for the past 14 years and I work for Nedco, a division of Rexel Canada, as a Branch Operations Manager. I got involved in the EPEC course as a management trainee. 9/26/2016 View more >>
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  NAED Announces EPEC Graduates More than 100 individuals have completed an EPEC level during the third quarter of 2016. 10/20/2016 NAED Supports New Jersey in Repealing State Estate Tax NAED applauds Governor Chris Christie for signing a bill to phase out the New Jersey estate tax. 10/18/2016 NAED Learning Center Completion Over the past 10 months, NAED has been migrating companies from the old learning center to a new, improved platform. With the end of the migration nearing, we are happy to announce that more than 150 companies have moved to the new platform since Jan 10/18/2016 View More >>