Voices of the Industry
  Embrace Automation Opportunities Recent NAED studies have demonstrated 79% of distributors are selling automation products. 12/5/2016 How do we get to the INTENT of Diversity Programs? Nearly weekly I get a phone call or email from a prime contractor or manufacturer asking how we can work together to “process” an order that requires a diverse market spend. 11/28/2016 Building a Culture of Learning The world moves fast. Trying to keep pace with change is a challenge. And, the ability to adapt has become a necessity – especially when it comes to the workplace. 11/21/2016 View more >>
Latest NAED News
  NAED Announces New Certified Electrical Professionals for June-November 2016 Today the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) announces the most recent Certified Electrical Professional-Sales and Certified Electrical Professional-Management certificants. 12/6/2016 Overtime Regulations Update The new overtime regulations take effect December 1, 2016. An NAED backed suit against the Department of Labor could stop the new regulations from going into effect while the issue is litigated. 11/22/2016 NAED Launches New Recruitment and Retention Analysis Program NAED launches new Recruitment & Retention Analysis program. 11/21/2016 View More >>