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Job vs. Career: Bringing Passion to Work This month, I am sending my oldest child off to college. We live in St. Louis, Mo. She has chosen to go to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, for school. 8/1/2016 Christmas in July: LEAD Gives Back to Chicago I was fortunate to attend the annual NAED Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Conference last week in Chicago. 7/26/2016 Understanding the Lifespan of LED Lamps Transitioning from compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and incandescent lamps to light emitting diodes (LEDs) raises questions of perceived product superiority. Is one better than another? 7/18/2016 View more >>
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tED Magazine Names 2016 Best of the Best Winners tED magazine has honored 45 of the electrical industry’s finest marketing programs in its 2016 Best of the Best Marketing Awards Competition. 8/11/2016 The State of Energy Legislation in Congress Both the House and Senate passed energy reform legislation this year. Both houses must now meet in a committee of conference to reconcile differences in the bills. 7/29/2016 House Releases Blueprint Tax Reform Plan Republicans recently released a comprehensive tax reform blueprint. The proposal would lower tax rates, broaden the tax base; and simplify the tax code. 7/29/2016 View More >>