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NAED PAR Report®


The NAED PAR Report® provides members with an up-to-date picture of actual financial benchmarks throughout the industry. Industry statistics are compiled into a report from a confidential, financial performance survey administered by Industry Insights - an independent third-party research provider. Participants receive a personalized report comparing their financial situations with others of similar size and customer emphasis.

What is different this year?
This year's NAED PAR Report® survey process is being administered by a third party research provider called Industry Insights. Participants still have the option of submitting their data exactly has they have in the past, but will also have the option of uploading their data to Industry Insights via a secure website. The final results will be available via a secure web portal where participants can access their results, download reports and raw data for use in their favorite BI software. This secure web portal will also feature customizable dashboards and reporting functionality. This distributor driven process also guarantees improved consistency in the data and more flexibility with the final products.

Watch this short video to find out more about the 2014 enhancements:

How much does it cost?
There is absolutely no cost to participate in the survey. However, if you wish to receive the final report, the following tools are available:

  • Company Performance Report: Participating companies can receive this report for $299
  • Industry Overview Report: Non-participating companies can receive this report for $299

Results will be made available through Industry Insights secure web portal at NAEDPARReport.com. Users have access to downloadable PDF and XLS results. You will also have access to customizable sorting and dashboard tools through the secure web portal.

When will I receive the results of the survey?

The results are now available. Participants can choose to receive the final results as a secure download in a PDF download, or as a .CSV format for importing to your favorite business intelligence (BI) tool, or they can simply login to the online dashboard to view and sort the results using a secure survey portal. All of the data will be archived on the survey portal so participants can have access to data from past years.

Who administers the survey?

All of the financial data inputted into the NAED PAR Report® survey is handled 100% by an independent third party research provider called Industry Insights. NAED will never see the individual financial data. For nearly 35 years, Industry Insights has been serving the research needs of trade and professional associations. They process over 100,000 survey forms every year that are similar to the NAED PAR Report™ and boast an unblemished confidentiality record. Industry Insights guarantees that your data will be held strictly confidential.

Industry Insights was hand selected by a group of NAED distributors serving on the NAED's Performance Analysis Committee with the assistance of consulting firm Brown, Smith and Wallace. Scott A. Hackworth, CPA, Sr VP, will lead the Industry Insights survey team for NAED. Mr. Hackworth leads many of Industry Insights' largest and most rigorous research projects. His responsibilities primarily include designing and implementing research strategies that will provide reliable and useful information. Over the past 14 years, his studies have been featured in National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, the Economist, and numerous other national and international news programs and publications. 

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