"Loyal customers, they don’t just come back,
they don’t simply recommend you, they insist
that their friends do business with YOU."

–Chip Bell


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What is included?

  • NEC/CE code updates to reflect current standards
  • Improved student exam experience:
    • The ability to move forward and backward through the exam
    • Bookmark questions to review later
    • Exit the exam and return to it at a later date and time
  • Immediate detailed results showing performance on a per chapter basis
  • Course surveys within the LMS to streamline the user experience
  • Content changes, directed by Subject Matter Experts, to improve clarity and accuracy
  • Updated drawings and activities to align with 2023 NEC/2021 CE Code information

Provide your staff the knowledge they need to be the expert for your customers.



Get Ahead of the Competition from the Start


EPEC-Logo-2023-235x203For more than 30 years, the Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC) has been educating successful sales professionals in the electrical distribution industry. The three, tiered levels of recognitionBronze, Silver, and Gold – provide information about individual products, their applications and how they are interrelated with other products in electrical systems.

With more than 14,000 graduates, EPEC has become known as the cornerstone of sales and product training in the electrical distribution industry. In addition to the initial three levels, specialized versions such as EPEC Lighting, EPEC Automation, and Datacom & Video are also available.

Benefits of EPEC

Increasing employees' electrical product knowledge helps to elevate a business and sell more electrical products than the competition. According to the Wharton School of Business, 73% of customers say that product knowledge is what they need most from a sales rep, and sales associates who participated in training sold 123% more than those who didn’t.


Completing EPEC can help the sales team with:



Research shows that customers come into a retail shop for the expertise that they can’t get when shopping online. A sales team well-versed in the products they sell can speak to their customers more confidently, understand and solve their problems, and help provide them with the best solution for their needs. By demonstrating a solid understanding of electrical products, installation and project planning, the sales team earns trust and elevates the customer relationship to a trusted, knowledgeable partnership.



The skills and knowledge learned through EPEC help the sales team communicate complex concepts and ideas more clearly when speaking with customers.
EPEC is designed to teach the features and benefits of electrical products and how they work together in a system. Having this knowledge allows sales associates to offer precise information in a way that customers understand, to help build a trusting relationship as well as saving time and effort. Effective communication delivers a competitive edge when advocating new or unique solutions.



Customers benefit from being offered a complete, holistic solution. They may know the products they need but will gain from recommendations on complementary items and insight into how the products they’re purchasing can best fit into their overall project. The EPEC Triangle teaches the interrelation between products throughout the system and how to identify opportunities for cross-selling recommendations. The course emphasizes how to analyze requirements and work with customers to delve into their projects and help them choose appropriate products to achieve the best results.

How to Enroll

Registering for EPEC is easy! Complete the EPEC registration form by clicking the link below.


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Academic Integrity Policy [PDF]

EPEC Forum [NAED login required]

EPEC Forum Quick Start Guide [PDF]

EPEC Manager Guide [PDF]

EPEC Reference Guide [PDF]

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All EPEC Courses

  • EPEC

EPEC Bronze

Perfect for those new to electrical distribution, EPEC Bronze provides beginners with sales skills and product knowledge for more than 200 products they will work with every day. Each module will guide students through residential, industrial and commercial environments.

EPEC Silver

Students will expand product knowledge and sales skills with EPEC Silver. This course goes further into the types of products including lighting, loads, industrial machinery as well as hostile and hazardous environments.


EPEC Gold, the final level, covers advanced topics of providing quality power, relays, controllers, drives, and energy management.

EPEC Lighting

This specialized course takes the product knowledge and sales skills from Bronze, Silver, and Gold and applies them specifically to lighting and controls.

EPEC Automation

This course presents the fundamental information needed to sell automation products within the electrical distribution field. Students will broaden their knowledge base to better answer customers' needs in this growing market.

EPEC Voice Data Video

Built from the knowledge of industry experts and modeled after the EPEC program, DataCom focuses on voice, data, and video products. This course will help students provide their customers with the products that best fit their needs.

EPEC Silver

"This was a very informative module. I feel more educated on nema type enclosures and hazardous location products than I did before. In fact, I’m amazed at the customers I’ve helped with hazardous material items and nema enclosures just recently since doing this module!"

Cecil Bettis, Inside Sales, Interstate Electric Supply


EPEC not only helped me learn about products, but also taught me to help the customer with their entire project in mind. Getting one order from a customer is great, but helping that customer consistently and being looked upon as a partner is a very rewarding feeling. I feel my customers and coworkers have taken notice that the EPEC program has had a very positive impact on me and I would encourage other to take the EPEC challenge.

Christopher Heling, Account Manager, Werner Electric Supply

EPEC Automation

"The EPEC Automation program will not only give you a better understanding of how to identify, locate and sell automation products, it will also enable you to assemble complete automated solutions for your customers."



Seth Harrod, Outside Sales Associate, Springfield Electric Supply

EPEC Silver

As I continue through EPEC, I’m learning more and more that I can put into my everyday work routine. This past week I had a vendor come in and talk about different firestop products and I could easily relate to the conversation. Looking forward to moving on to the final book of Silver.

Dustin Kauzlick, Inside Sales, CED

EPEC Automation

"EPEC Automation is a great introductory course for salesmen looking to expand their selling opportunities. The knowledge gained from this course will provide a strong understanding of the automation process while covering the key products and concepts necessary to excel in this market."

Joe Webb, Switchgear Sales Associate, Yale Electric Supply


"The most informative module in the gold series. Very interesting material. Thank you guys for everything."

Roger Loberg, CSR, Graybar

EPEC Silver

"Silver was much more interesting than Bronze. I appreciate the depth of exploration on specific topics. It brought my understanding of electrical to a new level. I can't wait for gold! I can't imagine what it has in store."

Matthew Davenport, Management Trainee, CED


"I would recommend EPEC to everyone wanting to do electrical sales. It was very helpful. There was some things that I asked people with 20-30 years of experience and they didn't even know."

Jeramiah Illies, Inside Sales, Crescent Electric Supply Co.

EPEC Silver

"This module was especially useful for building product knowledge and taking an in-depth look at some of the stats associated with lamps and fixtures."

Tyler Brubaker, Management Trainee, CED