"Unless you try to do something
beyond what you've already mastered,
you will never grow."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Competition for skilled employees continues to increase. Creating a culture of learning will help keep employees engaged and help them be more efficient in their jobs.


The NAED Learning Center houses all of the training your employees need to succeed within the electrical industry. Employees at every level can benefit from the vast array of training offered in the NAED Learning Center:

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NAED Learning Center Courses

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EPEC Overview

Originally developed in 1986, the Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC) has become known as the cornerstone of sales and product training in the electrical distribution industry.

EPEC Bronze

EPEC Bronze provides you with the beginning sales skills and product knowledge for over 200 products you work with every day. Each module will guide students through residential, industrial and commercial environments.

EPEC Silver

EPEC Silver takes you beyond beginning electrical products to intermediate as you dive deeper into lighting, loads, industrial machinery and hostile and hazardous environments. You will expand your product knowledge and sales skills.


EPEC Gold is the final level with advanced topics of providing quality power, relays, controllers, drives, and energy management.

EPEC Lighting

This niche takes all of the product knowledge and sales skills from Bronze, Silver, and Gold to create one level detailing only lighting and controls.

EPEC Automation

This specialized EPEC level explains the fundamental information needed to sell automation products within the electrical distribution field. It promises to broaden the students knowledge base and better answer customers' needs in this growing market.

EPEC Voice Data Video

Built from the knowledge of industry experts and modeled after the EPEC program, VDV provides the knowledge of voice, data, and video products to better recommend products that are appropriate for the needs of customers.

CEP Overview & Sales

CEP has developed into a program that enhances the performance of professionals working in the electrical distribution industry by setting the standards for performance.

NAED Industry Bundle

This industry-specific package includes the essential industry courses such as EDGE, Intro to Electrical Distribution, Sales Pro, Recruiting, Selling Green and Warehouse Pro.

Learning Plans by Job Role

Learning plans developed by NAED customized by job role.

Bottom Line Basics

This course teaches the key financial indicators used to measure profitability.


This course gives distributors the edge they need in the industry by providing a solid foundation of electrical products and terms.

Intro to Electrical Distribution

Learn about industry career options and receive basic product introductions.

Counter Pro

This course builds an understanding of the service and business sides of electrical distribution.

Inside Sales Pro

This course will help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in areas for inside sales success.

Outside Sales Pro

This course will help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in areas for outside sales success.

Warehouse Pro

This online course gives students a foundational understanding of the electrical distribution industry and the important role they play within their companies.

"The NAED Learning Center has been the most beneficial training resource that our organization has ever used and has allowed our training program to come out of the dark ages and into the 21st century."


Junior Hebron, Manager Sales & Marketing, Mid-State Supply

"When you look at the NAED, there is several key goals that the organization best serves the entire industry. One is education - if you don't have the education all in place with dedicated professionals, it's very difficult. It would require someone working significant amounts of time to pull it all together, as opposed to NAED pulling it together and being that clearinghouse - it makes it much easier for us to be able to offer it to our employees."

Larry Stern, President, Standard Electric Supply

"The NAED Learning Center has given us an effective method to reach associates that are spread out over 30 locations, and the tracking allows us to easily capture training participation for performance evaluations."

Tina Jett, Vice President of Human Resources, Butler Supply, Inc.