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What is the CEP Program?

Today nearly every position in your company requires the employees to be working efficiently and effectively to ensure success for both the employee and the company. The role of sales within your company is one of the most important, and it is critical that they are productive. NAED has partnered with go1 LMS to offer this enhanced sales training program. Designed to train all levels of sales roles include outside, inside and counter sales associates within your electrical distribution organization, this program offers engaging videos, online modules, learning activities and helpful job aids to help strengthen key sales competencies needed for success.
Enhancements to the program include:

Enhancements to the program include:

  • A single, comprehensive level certification
  • Industry-leading negotiation training content
  • Product specific training with EDGE® is included
  • More targeted competencies – aids in what specific skills need growth
  • Final exam that targets the competencies and objectives of the program
  • Student Study Guide – helps students retain knowledge and prepare for the final exam
  • Manager Guide – giving managers visibility into what employees are learning, and then can suggest activities and reiterate objectives
Perfect for all Sales Roles@2x
Perfect for All Sales Roles
Industry leading Negotiation Training@2x
Industry Leading Negotiation Training
Study Guides@2x
Study Guide for Students and Managers
Industry Specific Content@2x
Industry Specific Content
At NAED we believe that individuals who have taken steps to become experts in both sales skills and product knowledge deserve a special recognition and allows you to share your expertise with your customers. NAED now offers Dual Recognition for graduates of both CEP and EPEC programs.

Helps Build Relationships

CEP enhances the performance of professionals working in the electrical distribution industry by setting standards and assessing individuals against these standards. Upon graduation, students will earn a digital badge they can use on social media, business cards, and emails. Using the CEP designation in this way shows customers they can be confident that they are working with a committed and talented sales professional.

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Additional Resources

Additional resources for CEP certification programs:
CEP Code of Ethics
Course Outline
CEP Managers Guide*
CEP Study Guide*

*Available to managers and students in the NAED Learning Center


“One of the things in the industry that has been a shortfall is trying to mentor outside sales people. The CEP sales program seemed to be a program that we could use to develop the level of expertise for outside sales and also as a development program to bring people up to the outside sales.”

- Dave Gravely
“I see it becoming a minimum requirement as we have developed it more and more for all of our staff to even obtain certain positions within the company. If they want to be come an outside sales rep they will need to pass this certification as one of the requirements to become eligible for those positions.”
- Christoper Heling