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EPEC Overview

Created more than 30 years ago, the Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC) has become known as the cornerstone of sales and product training in the electrical distribution industry.

EPEC Bronze

Perfect for those new to electrical distribution, EPEC Bronze provides beginners with sales skills and product knowledge for more than 200 products they will work with every day. Each module will guide students through residential, industrial and commercial environments.

EPEC Silver

Students will expand product knowledge and sales skills with EPEC Silver. This course goes further into the types of products including lighting, loads, industrial machinery as well as hostile and hazardous environments.


EPEC Gold, the final level, covers advanced topics of providing quality power, relays, controllers, drives, and energy management.

EPEC Lighting

This specialized course takes the product knowledge and sales skills from Bronze, Silver, and Gold and applies them specifically to lighting and controls.

EPEC Automation

This course presents the fundamental information needed to sell automation products within the electrical distribution field. Students will broaden their knowledge base to better answer customers' needs in this growing market.

EPEC Datacom & Video

Built from the knowledge of industry experts, EPEC Datacom & Video provides the knowledge on voice, data, and video products. This course will help students better recommend products that are appropriate for the needs of customers.

CEP Overview & Sales

The Certified Electrical Professional (CEP) program sets the standards of performance for those working in the industry. This program offers sales professionals the opportunity to learn, grow and further develop their careers.

Training Events

Elevate your understanding of the industry through events designed towards continual advancement and networking in the industry.

Industry Bundle

This industry-specific package includes essential industry courses such as EDGE, Intro to Electrical Distribution, Sales Pro, Selling Green and Warehouse Pro.

Learning Plans by Job Role

Want to start or enhance an employee training program but not sure where to start? NAED offers customized learning plans by job role.

Bottom Line Basics

This course teaches the key financial indicators used to measure profitability

Counter Pro

This course builds an understanding of the service and business sides of electrical distribution.

Intro to Electrical Distribution

Learn about the electrical distribution industry, the various roles and career options.


This course provides a solid foundation of electrical products and terms, basic electrical principles and customer applications.

Inside Sales Pro

This course will help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in areas for inside sales success.

Outside Sales Pro

This course will help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in areas for outside sales success.

Leadership Development Program

The NAED Leadership Development Program is a twelve-month curriculum specifically designed for developing leaders in the electrical distribution industry.

Electrical Industry Playbook (EFC)

Developed by Electro Federation Canada (EFC), the Electrical Industry Playbook is an online training module for new employees to help jump-start their understanding of the electrical market so they can successfully navigate the industry.

Leveraging Data

This course teaches key data analytics tools that a distributor can utilize to be successful in today’s marketplace, drive a data-driven culture in its organization, and help identify areas for profitability and sales efficiency improvement.

Intro to EV Charging

This course educates the learner on EV Charging Market Opportunities, Product Knowledge, and Consultative Sales Processes.