Leveraging Data

This course teaches key data analytics tools that a distributor can utilize to be successful in today’s marketplace, drive a data-driven culture in its organization, and help identify areas for profitability and sales efficiency improvement.

Leveraging Data can be purchased individually or as part of the NAED Industry Course Bundle.


Recommended Audience: Any employee or manager involved in financial reporting or data analytics.

Prerequisites: Bottom Line Basics is a recommended prerequisite.

Learning Plan: NAED has customized learning plans specific to job roles. Once you purchase the course package you can customize the curriculum within the LMS for a variety of professions. View Learning Plans

Manager Coaching Guide: This guide gives managers an overview of the concepts and skills presented in Leveraging Data, along with follow-up activities to reinforce understanding and help employees apply what they have learned. Ask Member Engagement for a copy.

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Leveraging Data

The Leveraging Data course provides techniques to perform analysis on the four main areas of business: Sales Revenues, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Margins, and Operating Expenses. It also teaches different way to categorize customers by their buying behaviors and how to use these categories to develop data driven engagement strategies --defensive, reactive, and proactive—to each customers. Finally, it addresses how to effectively communicate data analytics to stakeholders, how to implement data analytics insights, actions and strategies, and how to build a data driven culture within your organization.