The NAED Learning Center houses all of the training your employees need to succeed within the electrical industry.  Employees at every level can benefit from the vast array of training offered in the NAED Learning Center.  We offer:
  • NAED-developed industry courses
  • Business skills courses
  • VIP Access packages
  • Curriculums by position
  • Manufacturer product training courses

To learn more about establishing a formal training program at your company, or to learn more about the courses available, please contact one of our Member Services representatives at (888) 791-2512 or

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NAED Learning Center Testimonials

  • The NAED Learning Center has been the most beneficial training resource that our organization has ever used and has allowed our training program to come out of the dark ages and into the 21st century.

    Junior Hebron, Manager Sales & Marketing, Mid-State Supply

  • When you look at the NAED, there is several key goals that the organization best serves the entire industry. One is education - if you don't have the education all in place with dedicated professionals, it's very difficult. It would require someone working significant amounts of time to pull it all together, as opposed to NAED pulling it together and being that clearinghouse - it makes it much easier for us to be able to offer it to our employees.

    Larry Stern, President, Standard Electric Supply

  • The NAED Learning Center has given us an effective method to reach associates that are spread out over 30 locations, and the tracking allows us to easily capture training participation for performance evaluations.

    Tina Jett, Vice President of Human Resources, Butler Supply, Inc.

  • The NAED Learning Center has been a key part of our associate development as we continue to grow and hire new associates into our organization - especially those that aren't coming from within our industry. We really view education and training as a core value of what we're trying to do within our organization and the NAED Learning Center has really helped us get there.

    David Rosenstein, President, ConneXion

  • For me as a manager, I have all my employees in one spot. I can see their transcript, I can see what they’re doing, I know what direction we want to take down.

    Denise Doeling, HR Recruiting & Training Supervisor, Border States Electric

  • I was honored (and scared to death) when Loeb and Geno asked me to be one of the 'test subjects' for the CEP certification. I committed myself to hours of training in order to pass the certification test.  Now that I’ve passed I’ll continue the training modules, webinars, etc… in order to meet recertification standards.

    Tina Weis, Inside Sales, Loeb Electric

  • In today’s world of the day-to-day operations taking a tremendous amount of energy and effort, having a tool provided by NAED to help train our managers to be better business operators is critical to our future success.

    Rocklan Lawrence, President/CEO, National Electric Supply

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