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Thank you for being a valued member of NAED.

Thank you for being a valued member of NAED. Let us know how we can help you make the most of your membership. We look forward to working with you to bring the resources you need in talent development, industry research, market intelligence, as well as networking and events.

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Catherine Viglione

Director of  Member Engagement, Marketing & Technology


Get to know the REAL Catherine! →


I've been accused of having more photos of my dogs than my kids on my phone.
I'm certified by the American Sailing Association to sail a boat by myself.
I'm a LEARNING JUNKIE and am constantly reading 3-4 books at a time.

Brian Peters

Strategic Partnerships Manager


← Get to know the REAL Brian! 


 Supporting FATHER to Eleanor (age 2) and Amelia (age 5).
Love for anything outdoors, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing.
Ran in 15+ MARATHONS, coolest was Rome, Italy.
I also enjoy reading anything by Jon Gordon.

Julie King

Member Engagement Manager


 Get to know the REAL Julie! →



I have a Boston Terrior sidekick named CLYDE.
My original career of choice was either Navy Fighter Pilot or Professional Lifeguard.
When I'm not trying to CHANGE THE WORLD, I love to read books…

Christena Johnson

Member Engagement Manager


← Get to know the REAL Christena! 


My favorite color is GLITTER… preferably in PINK!
My favorite place is anywhere as long as there’s a BEACH.
You’ll always find me bragging about my Grandkids – there are four. I refer to them as Sugar Cookies & there’s always room for more!
I used to compete in Horse Shows, Western & English Pleasure.

Jennifer McKinney

Member Engagement Manager


Get to know the REAL Jennifer! →


 I love to spend my free time with my two adorable children.
I am a yogi at heart and love spending time on my mat at my favorite yoga studio, Blue Bird Yoga…Namaste.
I’m an 80s CLASSIC ROCK and music junkie - just take a look at the music library on my phone.



Tahya Bell

LMS Administrator – Member Care Team


← Get to know the REAL Tahya! 


I love listening to country music.
I have two children that are 16 YEARS APART!
If I had a completely FREE day I'd probably read a good book or binge watch my favorite TV shows.

Melissa Borges

EPEC Program Coordinator – Member Care Team


 Get to know the REAL Melissa! →


Had a slim chance of pregnancy, but was blessed with my daughter Dec 2015 and have a baby girl on the way.
I named my oldest daughter after a role model of mine, Lacey Sturm, author and former lead vocalist of the band FLYLEAF.
I am a ‘RINGER’ and my dream trip would be to visit Hobbiton in the heart of New Zealand.

Maisha Harris

LMS Administrator – Member Care Team


← Get to know the REAL Maisha! 


Fashion is my 1st born. Shhhh, don’t tell my REAL 1st born. I have over 100+ PAIRS OF SHOES.
 If my “song” comes on the radio while driving, I pull over, open all car doors, blast the stereo, and dance like no one’s watching
I LOVE to roller skate.
When I was 6 years old, I was attacked by a dog; my left calf was missing. It took 3 painful surgeries to reconstruct it but I STILL strut if the shoe fits. 



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