Building A Connected Business By 2021

NAED is pleased to announce the kick-off of an extensive project backed by both the NAED Education & Research Foundation (NERF) as well as the Channel Advantage Partnership (CAP).


This new project aims to meet ambitious objectives:

  • Identify capabilities, features, and functions against the established framework of NAED
  • Validate the framework, including the capabilities, features, and functions
  • Document the case for such validation through review of similarly connected business implemen tations
  • Develop a prioritization and implementation plan across a three (3) year horizon


The firm, Frost & Sullivan, chosen to carry out this project has experience in Connected Systems & Collaboration Platforms, IoT Design and Implementation, Data Functionality and Sales Enablement.

These skills will be leveraged to provide functional deliverables to the NAED membership, such as

  • A 2-year implementation plan for electrical distributors
  • A prioritization process for implementation
  • Case studies of best-in-class businesses from various industries


In order to establish electrical distribution baselines, Frost & Sullivan will be interviewing distributors of different sizes and types, distributor customers, technology providers and others.

If you would like to be a part of this project or know someone who would be a valuable resource, please contact:

Lauren Rapp

for an introduction to the research team.

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