"We all need salespeople who understand the problem
and can deliver a solution that works brilliantly for both sides.”
― Chris Murray


Effective selling is still a skill that requires nurturing and intentionality. Investing in the professional development of a sales team gives a company a definite edge when it comes to the competition.

FSU-LogoNAED has partnered with Florida State University to offer the CEP-Sales lifetime certification program. This program offers sales professionals the opportunity to learn, grow and revitalize their sales numbers and careers. This one-of-a-kind designation is a powerful way for them to validate their skill set and to elevate the level of professionalism in today's industry.


Multiple CEP-Sales designations are available:

  • CEP-Sales OS for Outside Sales
  • CEP-Sales IS for Inside Sales
  • CEP-Sales CS for Counter Sales

Working With a CEP

CEP enhances the performance of professionals working in the electrical distribution industry by setting standards and assessing individuals against these standards. Upon graduation, students will earn a digital badge they can use on social media, business cards, and emails. Using the CEP designation in this way shows customers they can be confident that they are working with a committed and talented sales professional.

How to Enroll

Select the CEP program you are interested in and purchase the course from the NAED eStore. For additional assistance or to enroll a team, schedule a consultation with the NAED Member Engagement Team.  


Additional resources for CEP certification programs:

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CEP & Related SALES Courses

  • CEP
  • Related Sales Courses

CEP Sales

This program offers sales professionals the opportunity to learn, grow and further develop their careers. This one-of-a-kind designation validates their skill set and increases the level of professionalism in the industry.


Created more than 30 years ago, the Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC) has become known as the cornerstone of sales and product training in the electrical distribution industry.

Outside Sales Pro

This course will help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in areas for outside sales success, including selling products and services, managing accounts, and using company resources.

Inside Sales Pro

This course will help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in areas for inside sales success, including selling products and services, process and managing sales orders, enhancing customer relationships and using company resources.


This course takes the product knowledge and sales skills from EPEC to create one level which details lighting and controls.

VIP Core

Access more than 90 courses, including Boost Profits, Bottom Line Basics, Counter Pro, Customer Service, EDGE, Sales Pro, Selling Green and Warehouse Pro.

CEP Sales

"One of the things in the industry that has been a shortfall is trying to mentor outside sales people. The CEP sales program seemed to be a program that we could use to develop the level of expertise for outside sales and also as a development program to bring people up to the outside sales role."

Dave Gravely,

CEP Sales

"I see it becoming a minimum requirement as we have developed it more and more for all of our staff to even obtain certain positions within the company. If they want to become an outside sales rep they will need to pass this certification as one of the requirements to become eligible for those positions."

Christopher Heling,