What Technology is Capable of Dramatically Changing the Electrical Distribution Industry?

Technology is changing the way electrical distributors manage their operations, serve their customers, and attract and engage future leaders. Yet as the number of technology benefits grows so too does the speed of advancement.

For productive electrical distributors, keeping up with the constant surge of information and new capabilities presents its own set of questions.

The guide goes beyond the standard definition of digital transformation and looks at the technologies of today and tomorrow that will help facilitate these changes.


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Recommended Audience: Associates in IT, technology, marketing, operations and senior leadership. 

Published: 2018

Prepared By: NAED Strategic Technology Committee 

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Make Smart Technology Decisions

Whether you want to enhance the look of your website or integrate an online storefront, NAED's special topics give you industry applicable advice and best practices for making good use of technology in your business.

  • How can distributors maximize online commerce opportunities while maintaining deep customer connections?
  • How do distributors best manage the influx of rich data to their advantage?
  • How do distributors invest in technology in a way that makes sense for their business and even attracts top talent?